LA Stone Massage

Relieves Tension | Reduces Stress | Enhances Peace & Wellbeing

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One of the best ways to relieve tension and reduce stress is through a massage. In addition, massage therapy can reduce physical tension in the muscles and reduce soreness after strenuous activities. A contemporary treatment that is emerging from traditional massage and aromatherapy is LA Stone Massage. This treatment is now offered at the Skin Rejuvenation Day Spa.

What is LA Stone Massage?

An LA Stone Massage focuses on the unique healing power of natural stones and it is a holistic treatment that benefits the body and soul. It was developed by Mary Nelson in 1993 and now it is available in Australia for you to enjoy.

The LA Stone Massage uses heated basalt lava stones on the body, as well as alternating the temperature of the body with chilled marble stones. This is combined with massage and essential oils to release the healing powers of the stones.

The aim of this treatment is to achieve peace and wellbeing, as well as relieve physical soreness and tension, by using these heated and chilled stones on key energy points on the body.

lady getting an la stone massage therapy

What are the Benefits?

An LA Stone Massage is a therapeutic procedure that is beneficial for releasing tensions that you may feel psychologically in the mind and physically in the body. The hot stones and massage encourage deep relaxation, which allows you to de-stress and heal, as well as achieving a meditative state.

In addition, an LA Stone Massage can heal injured and sore muscles. The hot stones relieve pain and encourage circulation and the cold stones help to re-energise and stimulate the muscles, reducing any inflammation that you are suffering from. The whole experience aims to balance the spirit and achieve harmonisation, leaving you feeling refreshed and full of energy.

stones used in la stone therapy massage

What Happens During an LA Stone Massage Session?

Essential oil is used on the body before the LA Stone Massage begins. The therapist will then place heated stones on the energy points of the body, such as on the stomach, chest, face and spine. These areas will be marked beforehand. This will mainly be the seven main chakras, underneath and on top of the body, as well as the therapist massaging you with the stones too.

The stones that are used are flat and smooth, varying in size and temperature. These hot stones are alternated with cold stones, while receiving a massage.

LA Stone Massages & Packages

Back, Shoulder & Neck LA Stone Massage (45 Min) - $90.00
Full Body LA Stone Massage (60 Min) - $110.00
Full Body LA Stone Massage (90 Min) - $145.00
Full Body LA Stone Massage + Deluxe Facial (90 Min) $160
Full Body LA Stone massage + Led Therapy with Facial (120 Min) $200
Ultimate Package Full Body LA Stone Massage with Deluxe Facial (150 Min) $225